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At 24 years old, New Jersey Born & raised, Makeda is a passionate and devoted hands on creative from many angles inside The Creative Arts and Technology field. Specializing in Music Technology, Makeda graduated with a Bachelors degree from Bloomfield college where she learned to record, edit, mix and master audio content, took place in creating film score and composition (audio to visual/multimedia) for animation artist, game design and her personal favorite, movie and TV advertising along with midi composition. Makeda focuses everyday on bettering her all around skill set & character in hopes to create a catalogue many across the world can find solace in and one she can look back on and be proud of . 


- learned and played two instruments during and throughout her adolescence years (Clarinet and piano)

-Currently learning acoustic guitar

- Curates a lot of her own work but loves to collaborate just as much with other artist/creatives

Intro To Makeda: Bio
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