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Welcome to the "Music" Section of my Website ! Here's where you will find songs that I have had the chance to be apart of in any type of form. This includes songs of my own as well as having the chance to work/Collaborate with other talented Artist & Musicians. Open your ears & enjoy. More COMING SOON...

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Latest track By Makeda Out Now in collaboration with JT beatzz

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 "Makeda's Starter Pack" Playlist  has a song that's fitting for your every mood. Wether you need a start, boost, healer or smooth end? you can find that here. The following songs are OUT EVERYWHERE on all your favorite streaming platforms for listening pleasure

Track List Credits:

  1. "Spaced Out" (Prod. Kasino) | Written & Engineered by Makeda

  2. "Tricky" (Prod. by Sofrozonye) | Artowrk by Colorb0yy | Written & Engineered by Makeda

  3. "Gift Shop" By Sxint Chris | (Featured background vocals)

  4. "Last Week News" (Prod. by Makeda) | Written & Engineered by Makeda

  5. "Soon Enough" (Prod. by JT Beatzz) | Written & Engineered by Makeda

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Grow, Join and check out Makeda on your other favorite streaming platforms. See ya there and THANK YOU in advance for taking the time to listen ! <3

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